Distrito de Ilha do Pico » Concelho de Madalena
Azores Oceanic

Madalena - Madalena
Cais, Madalena
Telefone: 292 623 389
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Yes, it is true, and I have already confirmed what is said, the Island of Pico really is a paradise, from climbing to the top of its mountain to whale watching, swimming with dolphins, taking in the beautiful landscape, the good food and the great accommodation, all very good. The people are the best that I have socialized with. My family and I (4 people) loved our holidays in August 2007 and thank Azores Oceanic because for giving us these days. We'll be back some day, that's for sure!
Konan Smith

2008-02-05 16:27:20


Descubra um novo Paraíso com a Azores Oceanic.

2008-02-04 19:51:53

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