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By visited the web site ESCAPADINHA ® or by accessing any content provided in it, the user accepts and agrees with the terms and conditions herein.

1 . Property

"ESCAPADINHA" is a trademark of 1000 Empresas, Desenvolvimento de Aplicações para Internet, Lda.

All trademarks, logos, domain names, product denominations, product descriptions and services of ESCAPADINHA® or associated companies, or containing the word "ESCAPADINHA", included in this web site, are registered trademarks or property of ESCAPADINHA® or companies associated with ESCAPADINHA®.

The use or change of the trademark ESCAPADINHA® is strictly forbidden (unless there is explicit written consent by the owners of the trademark ESCAPADINHA®).

Other designations of products or companies presented in this web site may be registered trademarks of their respective owners.

2. Copyright

The content and design of this web site and other content sent by email or provided in connection with this web site are the sole property of ESCAPADINHA ® or associated companies. The reproduction of such content is authorized if the source is properly mentioned unless explicitly stated otherwise.

3. Limitation of liability

ESCAPADINHA ® runs this web site with the purpose of allowing users and establishments to access information about tourism activities as well as general business information of that sector.

In spite of the constant effort spent by ESCAPADINHA ® to ensure the quality of this web site's content and services, the information provided may eventually be incomplete or outdated.

This web site contains external links over which ESCAPADINHA ® has no control whatsoever and assumes no responsibility.

ESCAPADINHA ® cannot assure that the information provided reproduces exactly the sources considered. Users are free to add their own comments as long as they are respectful.

The information and declarations of opinion expressed by the web site's users are not necessarily the ones of ESCAPADINHA ®, of its associated companies or legal representatives.

ESCAPADINHA ® cannot assure that the contents, products and services referenced by this web site are flawless. Consequently, ESCAPADINHA ® cannot assure the continuous availability of the service due to the possibility of occurrence of technical issues. ESCAPADINHA ® declines responsibility for losses that may occur due to these periods of downtime or by using the services provided by this web site or partner web sites.

The limitation of liability of ESCAPADINHA ® applies to any loss or damage caused by error, omission, interruption of service, deletion of data, deficiency, processing delay, transmission delay, computer virus, theft, destruction or unauthorized access, change or misuse of user account. The user specifically accepts that ESCAPADINHA ® is not responsible for defamatory or offensive conduct, or any illegal action performed by its users or 3rd parties and that losses incurred by such actions are the sole responsibility of the user.

ESCAPADINHA ® cannot be held accountable for losses caused by its users or 3rd parties that result from unpredictable or extraordinary situations that our out of its control. That includes errors with the location of establishments and errors associated with the reservation process.

No person or entity implicated in the creation, production and distribution of ESCAPADINHA ®, its web site, or its software, will be held accountable for losses or damages, direct or indirect, resulting from the use of its services. The user accepts that this conditions apply to every content included in ESCAPADINHA ®.

4. User obligations

ESCAPADINHA ® allows users to create a personal identification alias (user name) and an authentication string (password) to access some of its services.

It is up to the user to ensure that he abides by these terms and conditions, being responsible for his own actions or actions performed by others using his identification information.

The user names and passwords are for the users sole use. Therefore, it is up to the user to ensure that they remain confidential and to ensure their safety.

The user agrees to identify himself in all services provided by ESCAPADINHA ® using his own login information, making a commitment not to use, in any case, the login information of another user.

The user agrees not to make comments that may question the moral integrity or any other rights or interests of 3rd parties and also not to distribute information that may be qualified as illegal.

ESCAPADINHA ® reserves the right to promptly delete any user submitted information that may be deemed as offensive, obscene or that promotes illegal activities such as xenophobia or racism. Links to web site that promote such activities are also strictly forbidden.

5. Access and changes to the web site

The access to certain areas of the web site ESCAPADINHA ® may be, when noted, subject to user registration.

ESCAPADINHA ® reserves the right, absolute and without justification, to suspend, change, add or remove portions of the web site at any moment and restricting the access to the web site for any user.

6. Changes to the terms and conditions

ESCAPADINHA ® may change the terms of this agreement. Upon any change to this agreement, ESCAPADINHA ® will notify its users via email or by publishing the updated content on its web site. The access and use of certain areas of the web site may be subject to additional terms and conditions.

7. Legislation

ESCAPADINHA ® reserves the right to bring suit against any person or institution who tries to obtain illicit access or, in any way, uses the services provided by ESCAPADINHA ® in an illicit way.

If any of the clause mentioned in this document are deemed illegal or invalid by a legal court, the legality or validity of the remaining clauses remain unaffected unless explicitly stated otherwise.

This document reflects the agreement between both parts under the laws of the Portuguese Republic.

The access to the web site ESCAPADINHA ® requires the previous knowledge and agreement of these terms and conditions and privacy policy.


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